Controlling devices

Wall-mounted controls

Wall-mounted controls

The product range of FAKRO also includes wall switches. Radio ones as an alternative to remote controls supporting wireless Z-Wave or Solar products and wired that operate lectro and Electro Solar devices.

Wall keypad ZRW7

Wall-mounted controls

The ZRW7 wall keypad is designed for the remote control of FAKRO electric accessories. It enables operation of up to 12 devices in 7 groups (a total of 84 devices).

Technical specification:

  • Power supply: 4x AAA
  • Range: up to 20 m in a building
  • Working temperature: 0°C to 40°C
  • Dimensions: 80 / 80 / 20 mm
  • Radio protocol: Z-Wave
  • Frequency: EU - 868,42 MHz


The ZRW7 wall keypad allows radio control of FAKRO and other manufacturers’ electric accessories that are compatible with the Z-Wave communication module. It comes with a two-way Z-Wave radio communication module operating at 868.42 MHz EU (frequency depending on the country of product destination).

The ZRW7 wall keypad can be used to operate the following FAKRO accessories:

  • Actuator ZWS12, ZWS230
  • Window control set ZWZ230
  • External roller shutter ARZ Z-Wave, ARZ Solar
  • Awning blind AMZ Z-Wave, AMZ Solar
  • Vertical awning blind VMZ Z-Wave, VMZ Solar
  • Vertical roll-up awning VMB Z-Wave, VMB Solar
  • Internal blackout blind ARF Z-Wave, ARP Z-Wave
  • Venetian blind AJP Z-Wave
  • Window FTP-V Z-Wave, FTU-V Z-Wave
  • Flat roof window DEC Z-Wave, DEF Z-Wave