Flashing for For High – Profiled Coverings EHN-A, EHN-A XDP

The EH flashing is suitable for the water tight connection of roof windows with roof coverings such as roof tiles and high profile metal sheeting. It can be applied to roof coverings with a profile depth of up to 90 mm and is applied to individual windows in the slope of the roof. It may also be used as module flashing for windows installed in horizontal and vetrtical combinations or block groups. The flashing is available for one installation depth, allowing installation of windows at a level N (+3) –flashing EHN-A. Can be used on roofs with pitches between 15° and 90°.

Flashing for Tiled Coverings EHN-A, EHN-A XDP


EHN-A XDP consists of standard EHN-A

(1) and insulation set XDP. XDP consists of air-permeable collar

(2) and insulation

(3) which is made of specially impregnated sheep wool.

EHN-A XDP consists of standard EHN-A

Constituents of the Flashing


The flashing is made up of four basic elements (lower element, two sides elements and top element). A long and wide elastic apron finishing is the lower element which allows easy connection with high profiled roof coverings. The lower element has a plastic mat glued to the underside thus allowing the flashing to adhere to the roof covering for a neat fit. The flashing side-sealing channels factory equipped with sponge seals provide protection against windblown dust, leaves, rain and snow. The flashing is equipped with a weep flap to allow condensation to drain away from the window.


Vertical and horizontal cross-section with EHN- A flashing elements

1 — bottom part of the flashing with an apron 165 mm in length
2 — side parts and sponge seals
3 — top part of the flashing
4 — aluminium strips to fix the flashing
5 — gutter
6 — tile supporting profile

Vertical and horizontal cross-section with EHN- A flashing elements


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